Kentwood Public Schools

Discovery Elementary School

At Discovery Elementary School, most subgroups of students, including Black, Latino, and students from low-income backgrounds showed exceptional academic progress as demonstrated by exceeding the statewide proficiency rate in both ELA and Math for three consecutive years. Discovery Elementary has demonstrated consistent commitment to their diverse school community by addressing language barriers, hosting cultural celebration days, and advocating for a culturally-responsive curriculum.

In support of their belief that all children are capable of high achievement, students learn in groups tailored to their levels and teachers utilize small learning groups to support students who are struggling. Moreover, the school schedule is optimized and designed to allow for deep student learning. Parents also report that their children are known and engaged in their unique strengths and needs.

I would like this building to be deemed as somewhere where kids can come and truly be safe so they can truly learn at a deep level, be treated fairly, and be approached at … their own individual level, being met at their needs … [and where we] meet the kids where they’re at.”

— Blair Feldkamp

Discovery Elementary Principal


of the student population come from low-income households

Black Students’
2019 Proficiency Rates
Black Students at Discovery
Statewide Rate for all MI Students
Total Enrollment


are students of color

They’re really good about making sure that everyone is getting all the information the best way that they can understand it. We’re always asked at conferences, ‘do you need an interpreter there?’ They’re always really good about making sure that there’s no issues between communicating with parent to teacher or staff.”

— Discovery Elementary Parent

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