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South Haven High School

South Haven High – a Building the Hope School to Watch’ has distinguished itself in educating a diverse student body, with unique challenges such as those faced by migrant students, by providing creative academic, social and cultural support. Dedicated teachers at the school vigorously weave assessment preparation into the curriculum, alongside instructional content. 

The Multilingual Support class gives students classroom experience and individualized help. The school staff builds in courses and clubs to reflect the school’s diversity and embeds activities that culturally affirm and engage families. South Haven staff strives to expose students to a future filled with opportunities, and the skills to take advantage of them.

“The difference I’ve seen in education in the last 15 years has really been on the part of teachers. They look at their data to see if what they’re doing is working. They make adjustments if it’s not. They re-teach if it’s not working. They work closely with their colleagues to make sure they’re doing the best things they can do for kids.” 

Carey Frost

Curriculum director of state and federal programs 


of the student population are from low-income households

Latino & Economically Disadvantaged
2019 Statewide EBRW Average % Proficient
21-22 School EBRW % Proficient


are students of color

Total Enrollment

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